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Shane, Coco, Tyler & Thomas // Glad You Came



Thomas had taken a look around, and he had felt that he had walked into a modeling agency’s waiting room. He was surrounded by nothing but pretty people. The three that surrounded him were just so immensely gorgeous. Was all of Hell like this, or was it just the three he chose to hang out with? But, his attention was soon on something a little more demanding.

He had been watching Tyler melt some chocolate for the fruit and berries Shane had brought. It wasn’t that it was a fascinating chore, but when you’re staring at everyone’s waists for the longest, anything would catch your attention. A little bit of chocolate had dribbled onto Tyler’s fingers and his dark eyes followed the trailed of sticky brown chocolate that had leaked down his long fingers, and Tyler’s pink tongue trailed along the residue, making his hand at least appear to look clean. Thomas had felt his heart race in side his chest, and for a brief moment, he could feel his jeans growing tight in the front. He turned away for a moment, watching Coco and Shane talk, and then turned back to Tyler. One random thought that came across Thomas’ mind, was he wondered if Tyler could some how make filing taxes look erotic. He swallowed down this moment and put it past him. From his night job, he learned that this sort of thing was like putting blood into shark infested waters.

Thomas let out a cough, clearing his throat. “Can I give you a hand?” he asked, then realized how that wasn’t the best thing to say at the moment.

After taking the bowls of fruit into the living room and sitting them on the coffee table, Tyler headed back into the kitchen. No one had exactly given him an answer to whether they wanted sugar or chocolate, but knowing this group, it would most likely be chocolate. Not that he minded at all. Tyler could have quite the sweet tooth at times, and he always had room for chocolate-covered fruit.

He looked through the cabinets, searching for any form of chocolate he could melt. He breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of a bag of milk chocolate chips, thankful it wasn’t the bittersweet kind. He sat a pan on the stove and poured the whole bag in, heating it slowly and stirring frequently. As soon as it had melted, which hadn’t taken too long, he let it cool for a moment. He found a medium-sized bowl and started to pour the melted chocolate in, scraping the sides of the pan lightly to get all of it out.

As he poured, a bit of the chocolate dripped onto his fingers. He sat the pan aside as soon as he had finished pouring, and put a finger to his mouth to taste the chocolate. It was better to lick it up than let it go to waste, after all. After he cleaned his fingers with his tongue, he turned his head to find Thomas watching him intently. At Thomas’ question, Tyler had to bite his tongue to keep from both laughing and giving back a response perfect for a porno. He instead tried for a smile, though he wound up giving a smirk. “You can take the bowl into the living room,” he finally responded, handing him the bowl of chocolate. He quickly washed his hands and carried a few bottles of alcohol into the living room.

Shane’s eyes darted in the direction of the two men heading towards the living room. He watched them for a moment, but he let them leave. He was too comfortable sitting here, lingering in this particular moment. Secretly, he had felt the equivalent of winning the lottery. Having the opportunity to actually to talk with Coco without getting out the battle-axes was more than Shane could imagine. So, of course, he kept completely cool as he sat on the stool. He was always the picture of composure. Plus, he didn’t want to play his hand before the game was over.

He thought over what Coco had said, and he knew that she was trying to bait him, or it could be just regular conversation. With her, he was never quite sure. He stayed placid and took a sip from his glass. “So-so. I tried The Corner, but it seemed a little too much like a sausage party for me. There were far too many men. But, I’ve been managing,” he said, making it sound like no sweat. “Even though, I have to say that the real hassle has to be the dance class. I have never seen a more inept group in my life,” he said as he took another pull from his shot glass.

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I’m guessing today is one of those days that I’m just going to lounge around. 

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Travel Bucketlist: Mykonos, Greece

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I’m guessing by how you worded this, you have a tough relationship with your dad?

Very tough. I honestly could go the rest of my life without speaking to him.

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What you were saying was nowhere near being legit compliments, but whatever. I’ll give you a list of facts about me so I don’t have to hear you go on about how “you want to get to know me.”

  • My favorite colors are purple, black and red.
  • Even as a human, I could speak Spanish.
  • My favorite food is the empanadas my grandfather used to make.
  • I love dessert. The more decadent, the better.
  • One of my favorite alcoholic drinks is a Hurricane, but I love Margaritas just as much.

Your turn.

For one, you would look lovely in black, red and purple. Nice colors. I prefer red and blue, most of the time. You like Hurricanes? I’ve heard about a place in Portland that makes them. I can’t guarantee the quality, but I know that they do make them. As for me…

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These dance classes are a pain in the ass. These people are hopeless. I need a drink.

Don’t I know it. If I get my foot stepped on one more time.

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Woah. What did he want?

To lecture me, as he does every three months. He wants to go on and on about how I am not living up to his standards and wasting my life. The same usual bullshit. I can not stand that man.

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